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6/11/19- Update   
Thank you for your previous order of Idaho's New Guidebook "Discovering Idaho's Scenic Drives and Backroad Treasures". 

We know you were expecting delivery any day now. Quality takes time and ultimately, creation of the book has taken significantly longer than we anticipated. We are back on track now, the book looks fabulous, and barring any delays during the printing process, we are estimating arrival for the 1st week of August.

7/24/19- Update
The books are shipping from the print facility this Friday and will arrive at our Twin Falls storage facility Monday Aug. 5th.  We will start shipping wholesale orders on Aug. 6th and direct sales on Aug. 8th.  We have three book release parties planned, one for Twin Falls, one for Meridian and one for Coeur d'Alene. To receive info about those please enter your email address at the bottom of this page or join our Facebook book group here.

8/3/19- Update
The book has arrived! We think it looks great! We will begin shipping early next week!

8/17/19- Update
Books have been shipped or delivered to 37 stores statewide. Check out the list here.

9/12/19- Update
We've had 5 book signing events to date and more coming. Check out the schedule Here.

Help and FAQ

Here's a link to a useful QR code reader app.

Q. Why is point by point navigation not possible?
A. Google Maps caps the number of way points to 10, making point by point navigation limited.


Table of Contents- Photo on right side is incorrectly captioned as Lily Grade, route 42, when it is in fact Balanced Rock Grade, route 42.

Route 5- The old truck shown on page 31 (point #9) is no longer there.

Route 23- The book map is missing points 24-26. The online map is correct.

Route 34- Page 180,  The book reads: "At the north edge of town, turn left onto Little Wood Reservoir Road. Go .5 mile to Pioneer Cemetery (9) on your right, then continue north on Little Wood Reservoir Road for about 11 miles, keeping left at the ‘Y’."
Disregard the directions of "keeping left at the 'Y'".

The following section should read:
Continue north a little over 4 miles to road marked High 5 and turn left. Continue on this road down the Little Wood drainage and stay left after crossing the bridge. Cottonwood trees line this creek (11) and there are several campsites. This is a dead end loop, so retrace your route and stay on the High 5 road for about 1 mile past the bridge that you crossed when dropping into the drainage.

Route 40- Page 213, the photo in the upper left corner should be labeled as #21 (Cauldron Linn).

Downloadable GPX Files coming by end of 2019!

Find an Error?

Errors happen and time changes all things.  Three barns fell during just the writing phase of this book, and had to be withdrawn.

If you encounter an error, typo, mistake or inaccuracy please let us know by using the form to the right. Corrections may be posted here if deemed important enough to warrant.

Corrections will be made in any subsequent printings.

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